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Mimmo Paladino


Forte Belvedere, Ortissima 2008
The initiative is the third event in the « Ortissima » series – the brainchild of the Operaprima Cultural Association – which aims to present new artistic events each year. The high-quality events are chosen via a rigorous selection process, and represent key moments in the artistic trajectory of one of sculpture's leading names.
Mimmo Paladino recreates the dialogue between an old-fashioned town and art, through a privileged itinerary offered to tourists and citizens, to let them discover his monumental sculptures. The purpose of the Municipality's project on Lake Orta, in fact, is precisely this: to relaunch the area, through works located here created by the artist in harmony with the surrounding area. Not by chance, this enchanting place has been included in the list of most beautiful Italian towns.
Paladino's art has its roots in the 1970s, when the artist took his first steps, working with the artistic language and its conceptual articulations. Paladino experimented with different traditional techniques: from drawing to painting, from sculptures to mosaics, from engraving to film, which allowed him to represent his own « inner » primordial, magical « world . » Paladino's entrance into the world of sculpture dates back to 1985, when he tested his artistic mettle with large-scale bronze sculptures and with installations, thus experimenting with « contamination » among the different expressive forms. Along with painting, sculpture is a fundamental part of his work, as demonstrated by the works included in the exhibit itinerary at Orta: ten large-scale sculptures in bronze, iron and terracotta.